In this section you can find answers for the most frequently asked questions about the ECommPay payment system and the details how to sign up. If your query is not among our FAQs, please contact us and our payment expert support team will gladly help you.

What is “payment gateway”?

A payment gateway is a transaction service company that authorises credit card payments for businesses, online retailers, physical shops and service providers, etc. It establishes the connection between your website or payment terminal and a bank or acquiring partner to complete the transaction. Payment gateways are necessary for making any kind of payment transactions.

Payment gateways protect credit card details by encrypting sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to ensure that information is passed securely between the customer and the merchant, also between merchant and the payment processor of the acquiring bank.

What is “online payment processing”?

Online payment processing is an e-commerce technology that helps to establish and manage transaction routing between the merchant’s and customer’s accounts. With the help of this technology a customer can use their bank card or bank account to pay for goods and services. The two key benefits of online payment processing are simplicity and efficiency.

ECommPay can offer you an easy-to-use, secure and efficient merchant account even if you run a high-risk business.

How can I open a merchant account and get access to the payment gateway?

With ECommPay you can open a merchant account in European acquiring banks and accept payments through any of the major international and domestic credit / debit card systems: VISA, Mastercard, China UnionPay.

Both a direct merchant account and a sponsored merchant account are available within our payment gateway, the choice depends on the type of business you run and on its compliance with the standards of acquiring bank.

Can I join ECommPay payment processing if I don’t belong to EU jurisdiction?

In order to use ECommPay payment services and solutions you need a company registered in the European union complying with EU legal registration requirements. Non-resident business owners who wish to join the ECommPay system can buy ready-made shelf companies from our partner accounting firm.

How long will it take to get connected to ECommPay services?

In most cases, your ECommPay account service will be up and running 1 – 3 weeks after we have received your signed application and supporting documentation. This is subject to the requirements of the acquiring bank and satisfactory completion of our risk assessment procedures. This period can be extended if we need more supporting documentation.

The ECommPay professional team will help you at all stages, starting with filling in the application form to any questions about managing your new account. We will be glad to answer any of your questions about the ECommPay systems.

Can I monitor current statistics and transaction history of my account?

Yes, you can. Apart from full weekly report on your account transaction statistics, you will also get access to your private customer area to monitor real-time detailed statistics. All types of transaction reporting on your account statistics are available online 24/7.

What transaction security guarantees are used within ECommPay system?

ECommPay transactions and the system itself are protected with security protocols such as TSL certification, DDOS protection and hashcode data structuring.

The ECommPay payment gateway is certified and works in full compliance with PCI DSS 1.0 standards and restrictions. Our payment gateway is protected by a state of the art anti-fraud system. Our professional cybersecurity analysts constantly monitor the system and keep improving its cybercrime defences. The ECommPay team also undertakes a number of other system protection measures to keep the maximum level of security for our clients’ accounts and transactions.

What is the ECommPay privacy policy?

According to ECommPay’s privacy policy we do not pass any personal or sensitive information received from our clients to any third party, including tax or government services.

What is “hold”?

A hold is a deposit held for a specified period of time which the acquiring bank reserves and makes temporarily unavailable for the account holder. In the case of a high fraud risk level with the client’s account, the bank uses that hold as a guarantee to cover any expenses and pay off all the necessary fees and compensations. ECommPay has gained vast experience in e-commerce. We have reached significant advances in anti-fraud management control and always help our clients to minimize the risk of transaction fraud. You can be sure that money on hold, which is reserved in the account, is well-protected and will be released after a certain period of time pre-set by the acquiring bank.

When do I get my payout?

ECommPay clients can choose any suitable time limit and define their own payout method, starting from daily to monthly payouts. The choice depends on your business requirements and sales turnover.

Payout method is an integral part of the contract which can be discussed and tuned while the service is being set up.

How do I become an ECommPay client?

You can join ECommPay payment services and solutions in the following ways:

You can fill in the online application form on our website.
You can contact out support team by e-mail: info@ecommpay.com

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