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Conversion + Payment page

A recent study by payment processor ECommPay has found that implementing aesthetic changes to the layout of the payment page could improve customer retention and conversion by up to 30%.

Common customer misgivings are circumvented by implementing minor aesthetic alterations to imply optimum security, restructuring the format of the payment page for ease-of-use, and carefully selecting texts with the necessary buzzwords to grab and maintain customer attention. Adaptable to each client’s business and website, ECommPay’s “Conversion +”payment page utilises more than twenty visual cues to guarantee a 15-30% increase in the customer retention and conversion rates of any e-Commerce merchant.


ECommPay “Conversion+” payment page meets all requirements of our clients

Tokenization. Opportunity to simplify repeat payments by offering customers the option of re-entering only the sensitive data;

Adjustable layout of the page. Convenient re-formatting of the payment page for use on the most popular electronic devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, etc.);

User-friendly payment interface. Specifically developed user-friendly interface stylized as a look of your credit card.

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