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The internet has become an extremely popular place to shop for millions of people. This provides you with great opportunities to increase your sales and revenues, but it can also offer criminals a way to steal your products and your money. How can you know the difference between a legitimate, honest customer and a thief when you cannot see them?

Fraud-Stop – is our unique, highly effective risk management system. It protects your business from losses associated with unauthorised transactions. It utilizes a set of parameters which can automatically identify a fraudulent transaction. Fraud-Stop matches factors that we have established with you as well as those recommended by international transaction security agencies. When your customer clicks on ‘Submit’ to begin the transaction process our Fraud-Stop System instantly checks at least 7 factors to authenticate the customer, the payment card and the customer’s bank account. We use sophisticated analytics to scrutinize every payment. We want you to be sure that your customer is who they say they are and that they are the authorised user of the payment card or bank account. This prevents fraudulent transactions that cost your business money, its reputation and your risk rating with the banks.

Besides this powerful automatic authentication process, we take that extra step and have any suspicious transactions examined manually by our security specialists.

Some of the factors we use to authenticate the customer and the payment method are:

  • Transaction history of the customer
  • Purchase history of the customer
  • Profile of the customer
  • Location of the customer
  • Location of the transaction
  • IP address and proxy of the computer where the transaction is initiated
  • Delivery address and method of delivery

By analysing the data collected our system quickly identifies the risk factors and rates the degree of trust for the payment. As a result it will either automatically generate a recommendation for approval or denial for the transaction. We will then notify you of the recommendation and the result of the transaction process.  All reports and statistics regarding the results of the Fraud-Stop analysis will be available to you at your personal company portal.

Fraud-Stop is certified PCI DSS compliant.  Contact us to learn more about ECommPay’s Fraud-Stop and how it can protect you and your business.

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