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m-Commerce payments gain momentum

As electronic payments continue to displace traditional payment methods, mobile commerce, known within the industry as m-Commerce, is likewise gaining popularity and widespread use. Online merchants offering mobile applications to customers are finding that many customers prefer paying via mobile or tablet devices. The number of mobile transactions in certain e-Commerce spheres already exceeds the number of concurrent website transactions.

Studies carried out by international payment services provider ECommPay suggest that roughly 30% of all electronic transactions processed on behalf of clients are initiated through mobile technologies. e-Commerce companies keen to increase revenues are advised to implement a system through which customers can make payments via mobile phones and tablets.

Mobile payments

ECommPay offers a wide range of payment instruments for internet and mobile commerce. Our e-Commerce clients can offer their customers the option of paying for online products and services through mobile applications on any device and from any mobile phone account.

To make mobile payments convenient for our clients and their customers, ECommPay:

  • Supports various mobile payment systems, including payments-by-code;
  • Supports all types of mobile platforms;
  • Accepts payments from anywhere in the world;
  • Offers low commission rates.

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