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3-D Secure technology

September 9, 2016

In order to achieve a high level of security and to keep the risks associated with fraudulent transactions to a minimum, ECommPay offers its clients the opportunity to use 3-D Secure technology.


3-D Secure technology helps to identify and verify that the person attempting to make a transaction is the genuine bank cardholder. The technology ensures the highest level of transaction security and minimizes fraudulent transaction risks.

3-D Secure is a technology that ensures the security of e-payments for goods and services. In order to complete a transaction it is necessary to enter a password known only to the cardholder.

ECommPay suggests our customers to use 3-D Secure technology in order to provide the highest security level of payments and minimize the potential risk of bank card fraud.

The technology is available with VISA, MasterCard and JCB International payment systems. It is referred to as Verified by VISA (VbV), MasterCard SecureCode and JCB J/Secure. 3-D Secure technology passes the responsibility for completing a transaction onto the issuing bank and thus becomes a real benefit for merchants.

Fill in the application form in order to get access to this security service.

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