Online games rapidly grow in popularity, comprising one of the largest segments in gaming

February 25, 2016
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Today the gaming industry is one of the largest economic segments in the world, generating billions in revenue by attracting a larger audience each year. According to a study conducted by J’son & Partners Consulting, global gaming industry revenue totalled approximately 82 billion dollars in the last year alone, with projections for 2016 suggesting a significant increase by 15-17%.

Online games

Online games hold considerable proportion of the global gaming market and are regarded as one of the most perspective directions within the realm of digital content in 2015-2016. To promote online gaming, software companies are actively using various marketing approaches: TV and radio advertising, press and internet advertising, outdoor advertising and various promotions, while inventing and applying increasingly notable, bright displays and innovative methods of attracting new players. One of the most effective promotional tools, that is becoming more and more popular, is in-game advertising, where one developer promotes another within their games.

Online games can be divided into the following categories:

Multiplayer games

Multiplayer games, which make up approximately 40% of the gaming market in total (in financial terms). These games require pre-installation on a personal computer or the user’s device, for example,, Mail.Ru Games,, Innova Systems, Supercell, Gaijin, etc.

Social network games

Social network games can be played online after a user’s account is registered, for example: GameInsight, Plarium, RJ Games, etc. Basically, these games are available via browsers and they do not need to be installed on the user’s personal computer or other device as they can be accessed from many devices. With increasing regularity games, which have gained their popularity among the users, are stepping out of social networking (e.g. Facebook, VKontakte) into the wide world of gaming, thus extending their grasp.

Games for mobile devices

Games for mobile devices, which can be played by using mobile devices: smartphones, tablets and pocket personal computers. Mobile games are the fastest growing segment of online gaming with an average annual growth rate of 23%. The development of games for mobile devices encourages the introduction of completely new products aimed at developing this particular segment of the gaming industry, as well as improving the models of gaming monetization.

Today’s online games are a high quality product, developed by using the latest innovative technologies, upgraded 3D graphics, stereo sound, and computer animation. Continuous updates and improvements of the content help to attract new users and maintain the interest of the current users.

Development and promotion of the online games

Without reducing its rapid speed of development, the online gaming segment is quickly taking hold of the gaming market, while causing the cuts in sales of the physical games – gaming consoles, handheld devices, etc., which has resulted in the decrease of this particular segment by 3-5% per year. Game’s possibility to exist in various operational systems, i.e. cross-platformity, plays an equally important role in developing online gaming and, when introducing new game versions for internet browsers the developers should not forget about the mobile analogue and/or the social network version.

In today’s world of gaming the users give their preference to the game’s experience and speed. As a result, to maintain a competitive edge, the developers should take into consideration not only the aforementioned factors, but also should introduce new payment technologies, thus providing the user with maximum comfort both in the gaming environment and outside it by offering to replenish the gaming account on the spot. The most recent innovations a gaming developer should introduce are functionality and simplicity, which could be clear to the player at once.

Payment services for the gaming industry from ECommPay

For gaming experts ECommPay’s specialists offer a wide range of innovative payment solutions and services by its partners provided for maximum effective functionality of their website and attracting new users.


Cashier– simplified process of organising the receipt and execution of the payment transactions, as well as the possibility to analyse all incoming data on payins and payouts, which is concentrated in one place. This particular tool is built individually for various types of interfaces and has solutions adapted for the mobile versions of the websites. Cashier contains services useful for the gaming websites.

One Click Payment

One Click Payment– a unique payment service as a new convenient way to replenish user accounts by a single click, One Click Payment, which has several advantages over the traditional supplement of the accounts by using a payment card. One Click Payment speeds up the process of making a purchase, and thus the users will be able to make repeated payments with one click without exiting the game.


For the gaming industry, which intends to execute payouts to the users, ECommPay offers a wide range of payment instruments by using which payouts can be made to the players. By using this service, the client has an opportunity to execute payouts to the most popular payment systems and payment cards: VISA, MasterCard, China UnionPay, QIWI, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Neteller, Scrill, and many more.

ECommPay’s team of specialists regularly improves the level of the service provided to its clients and offers individual approach to each client representing various business segments. For the gaming industry ECommPay offers the most advanced and innovative payment solutions. As a result, it is possible to increase the revenue of the online gaming up to 25% and perform quick integration to acquiring, which is necessary for processing the internet transactions.

For more detailed information about the tools and services for the gaming industry, please contact our specialists at

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