ECOMMPAY launches bespoke payments solution to support the travel industry’s Covid recovery

Timeline connects hospitality, travel, and mobility businesses around the world to deliver a seamless payment experience for their consumers
September 20, 2021
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ECOMMPAY – an international payment service provider and direct bank card acquirer – has launched Timeline, its bespoke payment technology for the travel industry. The ready-to-go solution allows payments to be taken immediately. Alternatively, it can be integrated through the fully functioning API, which offers hoteliers, business aviation, and travel agents a wide range of opportunities (including live integrations with Oracle Hospitality PMS and more). Reservation teams across multiple geographies benefit from a sophisticated, interconnected, and automated payments system.

Timeline helps reduce hospitality and travel businesses’ pain points and improve the customer experience, lessening the money lost from ‘no shows’, reducing the risk of chargebacks, enabling contactless payments, and eliminating the need for paper authorisation forms.

The modern interface offers an intuitive experience for travel businesses and its customers. The dashboard clearly shows order details, total amount due, what has been paid, when the booking was last modified and by who, as well as the payment status. Payment links are highly customisable and supported in multiple languages, offering travel businesses more control of their incoming monies.

Key features include:

  • One-click payment links - Simplifying and automating the process of securing payment, requests can be sent for pre-authorisation, full or partial charges, and reversing the payment now only takes a few clicks. The solution is PSD2 SCA compliant, saves up to 30 minutes on each booking confirmation or pre-payment, while also addressing the significant impact no shows and spread bookings have on travel businesses with a payment link expiration option.

  • Branded payment page & e-mails - Travel businesses can access a seamless experience that matches their brand aesthetic to meet customer expectations. A highly customisable interface means customers receive payment requests directly from the brand’s email, not a generic third-party payment provider. The customised order page increases brand awareness and recognition by offering a modern, convenient, and intuitive payment method.

  • Payments scheduling - To ensure the consumer is accountable for the full balance, payment requests can be scheduled to charge additional amounts via a tokenized card stored in the system. For hoteliers, the cost of mini bar use or additional nights are easily recovered.

  • 3DSecure processing - Chargebacks pose a serious risk to travel businesses, this technology protects its users by providing a liability shift from the merchant to the card issuer, and by also adding an extra layer of fraud prevention. It offers digital proof of authentication from the consumer via SMS code, leaving nothing open to interpretation and lowering the risk of fraud of chargebacks by up to 90%.

  • Contactless payments - In a world that is learning to live with Covid, safety and wellbeing are paramount. Payment links offer a contactless solution, negating the need for interaction with physical payments terminals and instead, offering payments via Apple, Google, Crypto, and Open Banking.

  • Competitive pricing - ECOMMPAY only charges an acquiring commission, rather than a monthly fee and pence-per-transaction, providing significant cost savings for travel businesses as they recover from the pandemic.

  • Dedicated account manager - Consumers expect superior service from the travel industry, so ECOMMPAY provides dedicated account managers and developers who aim to respond to queries in only 15 minutes. In addition, the flexible system allows for different user access rights to be assigned to various employees, as well as enhanced reporting and immediate notifications - which can be customised for both the customer and staff.

Harry White, Business Development Manager of Travel & Hospitality Industries at ECOMMPAY, comments: “Hoteliers, business aviation, and travel agents businesses almost ground to a halt at the height of the pandemic, but with restrictions easing around the world and travel activities resuming for both business and pleasure it’s important the travel industry has access to the right tools to grow their businesses. At the same time, consumer expectations for cashless payment solutions and online customer experiences have increased majorly, and travel businesses have to accommodate these needs. ECOMMPAY’s payment solution is specifically tailored to suit the needs of the travel industry, offering a range of functionality through our data-driven fintech ecosystem.

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