ECommPay Named as One of 25 Most Promising Banking Technology Solutions Providers

April 21, 2016
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Innovative online payment provider ECommPay has been selected by APAC CIOoutlook as one of 25 most promising banking and softward solution providers in 2016.

The list, compiled by CIOoutlook’s research team, which has deep background research done on numerous vendors, includes emerging companies providing cutting edge solutions in banking technologies. Magazine’s publisher claims, that the list presents readers some of the most prominent organizations in the industry who are capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them beyond an advisory level.

“We are honored to be included in CIOoutlook’s list of the the 25 Most Promising Banking Technology Providers,” said Dennis Kwok, Director, Head of Operations (APAC), “In our experience, many payment processors offer the same standard package across the board. ECommPay therefore, seeks to rise above competition by providing a bespoke service, which has proven to increase conversion rates and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.”

ECommPay offers state-of-the-art online processing solutions, featuring a broad portfolio of in-house technologies and products. ECommPay provides individually tailored solutions for different e-Commerce industries, the high degree of security provided, and the flexibility demonstrated when responding to client needs.

The organization now endeavors to stretch its geographical reach to countries far and wide and striking new partnerships with industry bigwigs. “We plan to continue improving our market position by creating new products, improving current coverage and keeping client satisfaction high,” adds Dennis, “The awards we receive are a testament of the fact, that we are going in the right directions.”

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