Gamescom – ECommPay examines video gaming trends

August 19, 2015
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In early 2015, ECommPay began expanding into both B2C and B2B video gaming payment solutions, having attracted a leading video games merchant and subsequently increasing efforts to develop innovative, industry-specific products. The payment processing service provider’s team of product developers and payment experts are in close collaboration to formulate and introduce targeted payment solutions, creating effective tools for the monetization of video content and enhancing older, established in-house technologies.

Seeking to integrate the company with the video gaming community and to understand merchant requirements more thoroughly, ECommPay is beginning to establish itself as a regular fixture at the most popular and most visited conferences on the industry calendar. Company representatives recently attended Gamescom 2015, held in Cologne, Germany, earlier this month.

Gamescom 2015 welcomed more than 345, 000 visitors from 96 countries before shutting its doors on August 9, beating all previous records. The exhibition was divided between two sections: a B2B zone, featuring 806 exhibiting companies and attracting more than 33 200 unique visitors, and a larger, B2C zone. Gamescom 2016 plans to expand even further, adding new zones and increased divisions to appeal to a broader audience.

ECommPay’s video games industry specialists have drawn a number of conclusions based on the trends witnessed at Gamescom 2015, beginning with predictions of industry growth. Despite not being the largest market in Europe for video games, Italy has proven to be one of the most dynamic and fast-growing. According to AESVI, 2014 saw the Italian video games market grow by a grand total of 3.8% whilst digital sales of video games grew by an astounding 20%. The country presently has 30 million active gamers, up from 22.3 million in 2011.

Further expert observations have analysed video gaming console trends (handheld consoles are decreasing in popularity and may face extinction in American and European markets within 2-3 years) and MOORPG MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) gaming, which is believed to be unable to grow beyond its current levels of popularity.

Closely following industry news and planning to participate in future industry events, ECommPay keeps up-to-date on all video gaming developments. To hear ECommPay’s offers and solutions for video games merchants, please do not hesitate to [get in touch](mailto: today.

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