GATE2025: How ECOMMPAY reimagined the online payment gateway

August 9, 2018
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The underlying principle and driving force behind international payment service provider and direct card acquirer ECOMMPAY has always been the desire to simplify online payments for all parties involved in the transaction process. Anticipating the needs of merchant clients, as well as the requirements of end-users, ECOMMPAY builds carefully crafted payment solutions, utilising a selection of individually tailored products and technologies. In 2018, the company launched its newest online payment gateway, GATE2025, combining acquiring capabilities, 100+ alternative payment methods, mass payouts, and technological innovation within a single, seamless integration.

The new payment gateway is an embodiment of ECOMMPAY’s commitment to optimising the payment process. GATE2025 was engineered to meet and exceed the expectations of the various parties engaging with the platform, from business owner to customer service specialist to consumer. The groundbreaking software, built using microservice architecture, which increases performance by dividing responsibilities among various applications comprising a suite of interdependent elements, reduces transaction costs for merchants while ensuring a convenient, intuitive, omnichannel user experience for customers.

Prior to launch, ECOMMPAY’s processing platform underwent extensive load testing to improve performance. When compared to its predecessor, GATE2025 has proven to be 3.8 times as powerful.

Furthermore, its architecture permits its capabilities to be continuously expanded by connecting additional services, meaning more opportunities for an increase in transaction volumes, as well as an improved quality of processing. Though migration of clients to GATE2025 is still underway, the merchants already working with ECOMMPAY’s newest payment gateway have unanimously praised its speed, convenience, and capabilities.

Technologically innovative and easily scalable, GATE2025 streamlines internal and external processes, improving user experience for each participant of the payment process. For consumers, the online payment gateway ensures a straightforward, seamless customer journey across multiple devices. Featuring a native software development kit (SDK) for mobile applications, GATE2025 creates an omnichannel experience. As payment interfaces are integrated directly into merchant websites, there is no need for redirection to external payment pages or the use of iFrame. The payment page itself can be branded in the merchant’s corporate style, facilitating an uninterrupted transaction process. For the e-Commerce specialists working on behalf of business owners and accessing the system on a daily basis, GATE2025 features an intuitive interface with adaptable settings. For the business owners themselves, GATE2025 facilitates easy access to crucial information, generating analytical reports in a few simple clicks.

The payment processing platform owes its success to ECOMMPAY’s inherent client-centric approach, which permeates everything from products to services to tools and technologies. Depending on merchant specifications, ECOMMPAY creates a fully customisable payments portfolio. GATE2025 has become the latest weapon in the payment service provider’s arsenal. Designed for fast, easy, convenient access, the global payment gateway targets increased conversion, enhanced security, and efficient operations through a combination of effective technological solutions and well-thought-out user experience.


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