September 25, 2014
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More than half of e-Commerce companies have experienced high rates of shopping cart abandonment. Based on the findings of international research centres and the results of ECommPay’s own studies, it has been determined that the majority of shopping cart abandonment stems from the distrust of the payment page.

When customers are presented with a payment page and must enter their credit card details, they will begin to reflect on the necessity of their purchase and on the risks involved with providing their details to the given online retailer. For a customer to complete the intended purchase, they must be confident in the website’s security features.

In order to increase customer conversion on client websites, ECommPay has conducted a study geared at isolating the factors causing concern on the payment page and subsequently resulting in shopping cart abandonment. The findings showed that the addition of critical information fields can change customers’ perception of a website’s security for the better.

Based on the results, as well as on the recommendations of established and respected research centres, ECommPay created Conversion+ – an innovative new payment page. Preliminary testing has shown that implementation of Conversion+ increases customer conversion by 30-45%.

The Conversion+ payment page accounts for all requirements – corporate branding to give the impression that a customer’s payment takes place on a merchant’s website; the opportunity to simplify repeat payments by offering customers the option of re-entering only the sensitive data; convenient re-formatting of the website for use on the most popular electronic devices (mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, etc.); and much more.

Common customer misgivings are circumvented by implementing minor aesthetic alterations to imply optimum security; restructuring the format of the payment page for ease-of-use; and carefully selecting texts with buzzwords to grab and maintain customer attention. Adaptable to each client’s business and website, ECommPay’s payment page utilises more than twenty visual cues to raise the conversion rate of any e-Commerce merchant.

Conversion+ was developed on the basis of ECommPay’s market research, careful analysis of focus group findings, and the observations of international research centres. Five ECommPay clients were granted the opportunity to act as beta-testers of the new payment page. Results surpassed expectations – conversion rose by 37%.

ECommPay’s research team continues to study innovative payment solutions with the intention of providing clients with an effective, reliable, and optimised service.

*Conversion refers to the ratio of website visitors and website visitors completing a purchase.

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