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Accentpay, has recently integrated a new payment system into its payment platform. Boleto Bancario is the leading payment system in Brazil, with over 24% of online purchases paid for via this method.

Boleto allows customers to pay in a number of ways: bank transfer, credit card, or by converting currency into boleto (a pre-paid voucher). The payment process is simple. When a customer selects a product and opens the checkout page, the website identifies the customer’s location and, if appropriate, offers to pay via Boleto. The user enters his details and is transferred to the issuer of boleto. He then prints the voucher or stores it in his smartphone, to pay at his convenience via internet banking or in selected ATMs, post offices, lottery agents, supermarkets, and more. When the payment is complete, the merchant is notified and provides access to the purchased product.

Both Accentpay and ECommPay are thrilled with the addition, which allows both companies to connect merchants with more customers than ever before. If you are interested in integrating ECommPay’s payment please contact us via