High Risk Merchant Account Services

Payment processors classify merchants according to their risk of customer sales disputes, returns and chargebacks. High risk merchants can be identified by a number of criteria: a high volume of credit card transactions, unproven or bad credit history, a high likelihood of chargebacks, working within a “high-risk” industry, etc.

For instance, Forex trading is a high-risk business according to MCC classifications, meaning some banks are reluctant to open Forex merchant accounts and some payment processors unwilling to work with them. Binary Options, Digital Currency processing and File Hosting are likewise classified as high-risk, resulting in similar problems.

ECommPay specialises in providing innovative, tailor-made payment solutions for high risk merchant accounts. Our extensive experience ensures that we are perfectly aware of all nuances of these business sectors. We have established long-term and stable partnerships with a large number of reliable banks and maintain a high competitive position.

This combination of factors allows our company to offer the most advantageous terms and conditions to accept electronic payments. Our payment solutions feature flexible tariff schemes depending on your business turnover; multicurrency payment processing; modern anti-fraud security guarantees; no restrictions on the number of transactions; and the possibility of creating black and white lists.

Each client will get an easy-to-use, secure and efficient service to collect online payments, make payouts and meet all their customers’ demands and requirements.


  • Our payment gateway can easily be applied to any website worldwide
  • World Class Support 24/7
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant
  • Excellent range of security products: FraudStop, 3-D Secure, Verification & Compliance, etc.
  • Low chargeback and fraud rates
  • Extensive experience working with high-risk merchants
  • High level of successful transactions