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ICE Totally Gaming 7 – 9 February 2017, ExCel London

Ice Totally Gaming 2017
Ice Totally Gaming 2017

Customization of payment solutions and services for
i-gaming business

ECommPay’s unparalleled passion and know-how combines simplicity, elegance, and security in creating bespoke payment solutions for i-gaming companies worldwide. Collaborating with industry forerunners, ECommPay’s team of payment professionals develops proprietary technologies to improve client conversion rates and maximize profitability:

  • Individual Payment Page – retaining a merchant’s corporate style throughout the payment process could increase conversion by 15-20%.
  • One Click Payment – streamlining customer transactions boosts sales volume and grows customer loyalty.
  • Merchant Back Office – running detailed reports on all financial flows provides a comprehensive picture of business activity.
  • FraudStop – defending against losses associated with unauthorized transactions.
  • PCI DSS Level 1 – guaranteeing the highest level of payment security reassures customers and protects merchant interests.
  • 3D Secure – allowing the verification of user payment validity to prevent fraudulent activity.
  • Anti-DDoS system – neutralizing the threat of DDoS attacks.
  • TLS protocols – increasing the level of protection afforded clients.
  • Cashier – optimizing the facilitation and receipt of transactions from various payment systems.
  • Dedicated Personal Account Manager – assisting merchants, highly knowledgeable payment specialists share expertise and offer advice.
Ice Totally Gaming 2017

ECommPay is an innovative and fast thinking company that provides state of the art secure online payment solutions for clients worldwide.

Our system is up-to-the-minute, secure, reliable and easy to connect with. Our solutions help to achieve higher transaction approval rates, lower chargeback ratios and other special requirements which help our clients achieve maximum revenues.

Ice Totally Gaming 2017

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Ice Totally Gaming 2017
Ice Totally Gaming 2017
Ice Totally Gaming 2017
Ice Totally Gaming 2017
Ice Totally Gaming 2017

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