Payment solutions
for iGaming and Trading

Collaborating with industry forerunners, ECOMMPAY’s team of payment professionals offers a suite of high-risk merchant solutions engineered to improve conversion rates and maximise profitability.

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We understand what payment methods are required in each market for different types of gaming, betting, or trading transactions. Our gateway facilitates an omnichannel transaction process with access to a range of payment systems, as well as enhanced security measures and comprehensive risk management, through a single, unified integration. We work with:


Accept online payments from customers all over the world

ECOMMPAY’s payment gateway combines acquiring capabilities and 100+ regional payment methods within a single, seamless integration, facilitating client access to a wide range of audiences.

Card Acquiring
Secure payments and payouts to all major credit and debit cards in all common currencies, within a fully PCI DSS compliant environment.
Alternative Payment Methods
100+ regional payment methods, carefully selected for maximum market penetration in each country.

We’re always looking to grow our business – expanding into new markets and attracting new customers. To do so, we need to make sure we have a payment provider we can trust. We work in a heavily regulated sector and we need to ensure that we remain compliant to all regulations. ECOMMPAY is always there to advise, share insights, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.”

Tailor the checkout and payout processes to your needs

Improve the customer journey by focusing on user experience. ECOMMPAY’s secure, innovative payment page dynamically modifies the payment options offered based on transaction history, location, risk factors, and more:

Individual Payment Page
retains a merchant’s corporate style, brand colors, and logos throughout the payment process.
optimises the facilitation and receipt of transactions from various payment systems.
OneClick Payment
streamlines repeat transactions.

Route your transactions

Accounting for all key features and functionalities of banking products, Payment Routing enables high payment acceptance rates by integrating with your infrastructure to optimise all incoming and outgoing transactions.

Smart Payment Routing
calculates the best possible route across banks and MIDs, configuring rules in real time to track results and adapt possible scenarios depending on client needs.
Routing filters
analyses the parameters present in a client request: risk assessment, geolocation, card type, issuers.
Cascading capabilities
reroutes payments and payouts in cases of declined transactions.

Minimise risks and
protect your revenues

In the quest to find synergy between security and conversion, ECOMMPAY has engineered and adapted a portfolio of highly effective risk management tools and technologies:

ECOMMPAY’s proprietary system defends against losses associated with unauthorised transactions.
Custom settings
depending on merchant specifications, ECOMMPAY’s risk analysts configure fraud filters individually.
complements FraudStop’s automatic monitoring with manual review of flagged transactions by ECOMMPAY’s team of risk analysts.
guarantees the highest level of payment security, reassuring customers and protecting merchant interests.
sensitive payment data is encrypted, becoming a random set of characters (tokens), which cannot be decrypted without matching parameters.

Additional services for high-risk merchants

Payouts without delays
Offer your customers a prompt, reliable payout service.
Customisation options
Products and solutions are tailored to individual client requirements.
Fast and easy integration
Connect to our system and begin accepting payments without any hassle.
Merchant Dashboard
All transaction history and payment details are accessible in automatically generated reports.
24/7 Technical support
Count on our highly qualified team of technology experts to answer any question, any time.
Dedicated account manager
Receive regular, relevant, tailored advice on optimising your business operations.

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