Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO)

Card-not-present transactions are very popular in the marketplace because goods or services can be purchased via phone, fax, email or Internet and the customer’s personal presence is not required.

When a customer makes a purchase by phone, email, mail, internet form or fax and his/her card is not physically present you must rely on the cardholder, (or someone purporting to be), presenting card information indirectly. In order to avoid the risk of possible bank card fraud merchants need to implement prevention measures and carefully check the information provided. The card data will be transferred to the ECommPay processing centre for a verification check designed to prevent bank card fraud. Only if the card is verified as genuine will the funds be debited from the customer’s card account at the issuing bank and transferred to your bank account.

ECommPay provides highly secure payment gateway for our Online MOTO platform in order to handle card-not-present transactions. All you need to do is get registered at our Online MOTO website and enter your customer’s card details. You don’t have to make any extra calls or visit our payment offices. Internet access and the customer’s data will be enough to complete the transaction. All the necessary payment registration forms and applications can be filled in with the help of your personal payment expert.

Try the ECommPay Online МОТО transaction system today and enjoy its advantages.