ECommPay Recognised as Most Innovative Payment Provider Europe 2015

The prestigious Global Banking and Finance Review Awards take place on a rolling basis, rewarding the most creative emerging bank organisations and service providers within the financial sector. Based on the nominations received, a research team of experts identifies the most suitable candidates for a particular award.

Judging requires an analysis of companies’ contributions to and achievements in their respective industries. A company, regardless of size or longevity, competes for the honour of being recognised as the best in their field. Most recently, payment processor ECommPay was awarded the title of Most Innovative Payment Provider Europe.

ECommPay offers state-of-the-art online processing solutions, featuring a broad portfolio of in-house technologies and products. Merchants receive a bespoke package, ideally suited to their business. Judges were impressed by the winning company’s individually tailored solutions for different e-Commerce industries, the high degree of security provided, and the flexibility demonstrated when responding to client needs.

ECommPay is pleased to have its innovation and technological advancements acknowledged by the Global Banking and Finance Review Awards, pledging to continue expanding the portfolio of existing products available, both for the benefit of its clients and for their customer base.