Cashless Payments Make a Splash at iFX Expo 2018 and Cyprus Gaming Show

In May 2018, ECOMMPAY sponsored and took part in two major industry expos: the iFX Expo and the Cyprus Gaming Show. Across multiple days of conversations with thousands of Forex and gaming industry luminaries, the main topic of discussion was the move to a cashless society.

From the sunny welcome party to the exhibition floor, company experts spent a lot of time in conversation with established industry veterans from all over the world at the iFX Expo, who were looking to expand their reach using ECOMMPAY’s payment processing services. But the expo also played host to a wide range of startup brokers and fintech services, eager to make contact with payment providers, and deeply interested in the innovative potential of the services on show.

Cryptocurrencies and crypto trading platforms were the flavour of the day at iFX Expo, with almost half of the event’s exhibitors hailing from the crypto space. Discussion centred around the technology’s future, with industry’s experts striking a serious but optimistic tone regarding the role of cryptocurrencies in the future of Forex.

The cashless future was a hot topic at the Cyprus Gaming Show, too. The gaming industry has long been at the forefront of the move to entirely cashless systems, with virtual currencies playing key roles in powering innumerable online worlds. ECOMMPAY experts found that gaming industry professionals were enthusiastic about the potential of cashless systems, and the power of the technologies behind them to radically alter the face of gaming.