ECommPay has received MasterCard Principal Member status.

Having become a VISA Principal Member earlier this year, payment processor ECommPay has now attained a similar honour from international payment system MasterCard. The title of MasterCard Principal Member, awarded on the 29th of April, 2015, as well as the accompanying license agreements, are valid in all member states of the European Union.

Michael C.G. Charalambides, director of ECommPay’s Cyprus office, had the following to say regarding the company’s newly acquired status:

“Receiving Principal Member status in both VISA and MasterCard is a clear demonstration of ECommPay’s determination and progression in becoming a leader in acquiring solutions. The MasterCard license confirms the level of quality and the innovation of solutions offered, not to mention the technical merit of our antifraud systems and the successful internal operational processes under which our company functions. The new status allows us to connect merchants to MasterCard directly, without the necessity of going through a bank-acquirer, which cuts down on time and costs and allows ECommPay to realise new, lucrative projects.”