Multi-currency payments

Thanks to the internet your customers may now be anywhere in the world and may be using many different currencies. But you still need to be paid in your local currency. No problem. ECommPay allows you to collect your sales revenues in any currency you choose. In most cases, you can receive multi-currency payments without any conversion but if you need to receive them in a different currency, the amount will be converted simply and transparently.

All currency exchange calculations are transparent and available for you to view in your personal client interface.

Sometimes currency exchange fees can add up to a significant cost for your business if you are making a lot of sales in currencies different from your own. If you do not want to pay currency conversion fees ECommPay offers your business a unique opportunity. With ECommPay you can either pay the currency commission fees yourself in bulk or you can shift all or part of the commission to your customers. Our clients can determine who will pay the currency exchange fees. If you wish you can split the fees with your customers in any proportion that works best for you and your customers.

Do you have questions about how to collect your sales revenues in a particular currency? Contact our professional payments manager to discuss ECommPay’s Multi-currency services.