When you are accepting payment cards and bank account payments you must be sure that you are always in compliance with your national laws, the laws of every country where you have customers and with the international industry regulations of all the card and bank agencies. It sounds pretty complex and overwhelming, but ECommPay takes care of all of this for you.

ECommPay has developed special internal procedures with which we protect the integrity of all our payment systems and those of our acquiring partners, as well as preventing all parties from any possible involvement in suspicious or illegal activities. We use additional data points for fraud detection and compliance with government and payment card industry regulations and policies. ECommPay also provides verification, monitoring and compliance services that enable the verification of specific customer data during non-face-to-face transactions and card not present, (CNP), transactions.

This attention to every detail allows ECommPay to protect and enhance the valuable reputation of your business, your customers, your partners, and to prevent any possible involvement in any illegal operations or transactions that do not meet international regulations.

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