Merchant Dashboard

Our client interface is simple and intuitive, emphasising security and financial transparency.

ECOMMPAY offers clients a simple, convenient, intuitive Merchant Dashboard through which to manage customer payments, analyse business operations, and export the necessary data into integrated billing systems.


Providing a real-time overview of the state of your business, the ECOMMPAY customer interface gives you complete control with detailed analytics and granular info on financial flows that allow you to keep an eye on every aspect of your enterprise.


ECOMMPAY’s interface is based around a philosophy of total transparency, giving you bespoke reports on the parameters you need whenever you need them, even allowing you to set up a schedule whereby you’ll be delivered regular financial reports according to a schedule that suits you.


The system is likewise beneficial for your own company’s end-users. Our e-invoicing tech enables you to create payment links that your users can use to pay whenever they (and you) like. Nothing’s overlooked: it can even handle MO/TO payments!


Our interface is a remarkably powerful tool, one that gives you the deepest possible insights into your own business. As such, it’s also highly secure. Flexible toolsets mean you can forbid or allow access to particular information and data tools to different members of your team, ensuring members only access the areas they need to in order to do their work.

Access smart analytics on your financial flows

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