Payment technologies as
an advantage for the travel sector

Are payments a travel operator’s
secret weapon?

Businesses working in the travel, tourism, or hospitality sectors, as well as any associated industries, face an eternal struggle to not only keep abreast of new developments, but also to adapt their services to consumer needs – which, frankly, can change at the drop of a well-timed social media influencer post.

The best strategy is to confront this challenge head-on, argues George Maroufidis, Travel Lead at ECOMMPAY, becoming familiar with industry trends, going deep into the consumer mindset, and building a comprehensive portfolio of targeted payment products and technologies.

This report explores:

  • The everchanging Travel payments landscape
  • The pain points flagged by Travel operators
  • Payment technology as a key advantage

Customise your payments portfolio in accordance with the latest consumer trends to overcome the common challenges faced by Travel operators.

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