Increase your business
potential by partnering

To join ECOMMPAY’s international affiliate programme, sign our partnership agreement and begin receiving lifetime commission from each transaction of the clients you introduce.

Lifetime commission

We offer attractive commission rates for each client you introduce.

Monthly reporting

We provide detailed reports on the payments processed on behalf of the clients you introduce.

Individual approach

Your personal partner manager will assist you with any queries you may have.

Enhanced merchant portfolio

Our expansive portfolio of payment methods ensures that your clients will receive the required service regardless of location.

Bespoke partnership programmes

Your remuneration depends on a number of factors and will be calculated on an individual basis.

Reliable partnership

Our extensive experience providing bespoke payment solutions to merchants across various e-Commerce industries guarantees an impeccable quality of service.


· Bespoke payment solutions, tailored to client specifications
· Quick and easy integration
· Punctual, efficient payouts
· Highly effective risk management technologies
· 100+ payment methods
· Extensive selection of partner banks

· 24/7 technical support
· Merchant Dashboard
· Detailed statistics on all financial flows
· Payment cascading and routing capabilities
· Customisable payment page
· OneClick Payment

How to become a partner



Sign a partnership agreement with ECOMMPAY



Introduce clients to ECOMMPAY



The introduced client signs an agreement with ECOMMPAY



You receive commission

Join ECOMMPAY’s international
affiliate programme