Case Study: ECOMMPAY attains synergy between security and conversion

January 29, 2018
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Synergy between security and conversion is attainable. To strike a balance between the two, payment service provider and acquirer ECOMMPAY applies a personalised, individual approach to each client’s business needs, paired with the continuous, ongoing development and innovation of bespoke payment products and technologies.

Experienced in the specifics of client industries, ECOMMPAY’s team of payment professionals, ranging from personal account managers to risk analysts to tech developers, work collaboratively to engineer and adapt payment solutions. One of the greatest achievements of this interdisciplinary collaboration is the proprietary FraudStop security system.

The automated system has been engineered to apply machine learning to the scoring principle, which assigns a pre-determined weight to each transaction variable. FraudStop’s filter combinations are configured individually for each client. Following a consultation to determine client objectives and business specifications, ECOMMPAY’s risk analysts dynamically adapt existing filters or, if necessary, create new ones.

As a recent example of the department’s operational success, the team identified a technical fault in the infrastructure of a large e-Commerce merchant, which was resulting in an inflated decline ratio. The Fraud/Chargeback Monitoring Division’s solution immediately lowered the decline ratio by 37%, increasing client profits by almost USD 1 million.

The human factor is of utmost importance in detecting patterns of fraudulent activity. The team’s manual monitoring identified a notorious fraudster, who tried to register 20 different user profiles in an attempt to use stolen credit cards. Quickly recognising and negating the threat saved ECOMMPAY’s client from significant financial losses.

Reducing operational costs and increasing revenues by effectively identifying and neutralising fraudulent activity, ECOMMPAY’s bespoke payment solutions and efficient risk management equip e-Commerce merchants with a highly competitive portfolio of sophisticated payment options.

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