ECOMMPAY launches innovative payment platform GATE2025

March 28, 2018
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International payment service provider and card acquirer ECOMMPAY prepares for the official launch of its newest payment gateway, GATE2025. Technologically innovative and easily scalable, GATE2025 was engineered to process more than 1000 payment transactions per second. ECOMMPAY’s payment gateway was reimagined to reflect current industry trends, incorporating highload performance capabilities to significantly improve the quality and security of payment services.

GATE2025 is easy to adapt, customise, and support. The groundbreaking software was built using microservice architecture, which increases performance by dividing responsibilities among various applications comprising a suite of interdependent elements. Streamlining the payment gateway’s internal and external processes, GATE2025 reduces transaction costs for merchants while ensuring a convenient, intuitive, omnichannel user experience for customers.

Prior to launch, the new software product underwent extensive load testing. As a result, GATE2025 has proven to be at least four times as powerful as its predecessor. The platform’s microservice architecture permits the further expansion of its capabilities by connecting additional services, which results in more opportunities for higher transaction volumes and an improved quality of processing.

Head of Product Development Nikita Mishchenko: “GATE2025 was created with each participant of the payment process in mind, from the merchant to the end-user. For consumers, we implemented ECOMMPAY’s optimised payment pages, building a convenient, straightforward customer journey. For the e-Commerce specialists working on behalf of business owners and accessing the payment gateway on a daily basis, we’ve introduced an intuitive interface with customisable settings for maximum comfort and ease of use. For the business owners themselves, we’ve ensured easy access to the information they require enabling the creation of analytical reports in a few simple clicks. And, of course, we took our own requirements into consideration, automating the vast majority of internal processes.“

ECOMMPAY specialises in engineering bespoke payment solutions with GATE2025 platform taking this a step further, allowing company’s clients to configure the payment settings to their own specifications. “We can confidently state that our current pace of developing innovative payment solutions by far exceeds what is being offered within e-commerce industry at the moment. In fact, we are aiming to provide solutions fit for the future of e-commerce, with GATE2025 most definitely leading the way for payment providers“ stated Nikita Mishchenko.

ECOMMPAY intends to migrate all clients to the new payment gateway over the course of 2018.

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