Handling International Payments the Smart Way

November 27, 2018
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Borders can be pesky, right? Queueing at passport control, paying for visas, and potentially losing thousands upon thousands in revenue as your payments fail to make their way across the globe from your customer to your bank account (that one might sting a bit more than the first two). Now more than ever, nearly every enterprise is a global enterprise, doing business across cultures and timezones at the click of a mouse and the swipe of a finger. But it can sometimes feel like payments have yet to catch up, with payment acceptance rates hovering anywhere between “just about okay” and “abysmal” because so few companies have the mechanisms in place to establish a genuinely smart method of handling worldwide payments. Well, as luck would have it, we have just the thing. ECOMMPAY’s suite of smooth, dynamic and customisable payment routing technologies, backed by their smooth, dynamic, not-so-customisable team, are built to overcome precisely the challenges that global payments can throw up.

Keeping things moving

Efficiency is the name of the game with payment routing. Using artificial intelligence and a wealth of regional expertise, routing technology is able to rapidly calculate the most efficient paths possible for any given transaction, wherever they originate and wherever they’re going. Taking into account everything from geography to card type to channel accessibility, ECOMMPAY’s payment routing tech quickly chauffeurs your payments from point A to be point B (to point C, to point D, to… well, you know), circumventing obstacles or removing them entirely. By freeing your company from ties to singular banks and acquirers, instead providing access to a whole host of banks and acquirers and calculating the smartest route through them, smart payment routing sends acceptance rates skyward. Heck, it’ll even drive costs down as it drives payments up, selecting the merchant identification numbers (MID) in whatever currencies your business requires (and thereby avoiding the dreaded spectre of double conversion that looms over a lot of large and expanding businesses).

Making it yours

It’s that breadth and depth of access that lets the clever little systems underpinning the routing tech to make the best possible decision for this or that payment at this or that time, but that doesn’t mean delegating your business’ most important functions to a (admittedly, very swish) robot and crossing your fingers. It’s the human touch that takes those systems from A to A+. Not only is the tech underpinned by a brilliant and dedicated team of regional experts at ECOMMPAY headquarters, available 24/7, but its specifics can be finely-tuned to match the exact needs and desires of your company. The particular requirements of your company will define the routes that are chosen for your transactions.

Starting as you mean to go on

But the benefits of a solid payment routing mechanism aren’t reserved for businesses that already operate internationally. Plucky newcomers (or plucky old-timers, we don’t discriminate) hoping to branch out, and minimise costs while they do it, stand to gain a lot by getting ahead of the game and integrating this kind of tech into their payment processing sequence early. Those looking to enter new markets will find that ECOMMPAY’s tech ably facilitates connections to new channels.

A global business needs to be able to operate globally, and it is just that service which ECOMMPAY’s payment routing tech and expertise provides. Our peerless payment routing tech is best-in-class when it comes to busting the proverbial dams in the payment stream. From the second your customer hits ‘pay’, our tech is right there to ferry the transaction along to the best possible conclusion. I don’t know about you, but that seems pretty smart to us.

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