How to Play for Keeps by Customising the iGaming Customer Journey

March 12, 2019
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Checkout, as the make-or-break moment of any customer journey, is key to an online operator’s success. Everyone know this, so why are so many iGaming websites still struggling to retain players, weighed down by poor user experience? The truth is that not every operator has the capabilities or the experience to rectify the problem.

So what’s the secret? How can operators overcome these challenges and establish a seamless, streamlined iGaming customer journey?

Provide payment options

User experience depends on convenience. It’s hard to get into the mind of each individual player, but closely monitoring payment preference trends is imperative. iGaming customers embarking on their payments journey need to be able to pay the way they want to pay. If you’re offering your services in a region notorious for mobile payments, you need a fantastic m-Commerce experience in place.

If you’re offering your services in territories where consumers prefer mobile, you’ll need to ensure a convenient mobile experience – both in terms of your website and the checkout process. You’ll also need to be flexible in terms of accepted currencies and alternative payment methods. If e-Wallets are the way to go in the region you’re targeting, make sure players can pay using that method.

Meet omnichannel expectations

Once upon a time, players visited bookmakers or casinos for their gaming needs. With the advent of the internet, many of them went online and so iGaming customer journeys took place firmly in front of a desktop computer. But technology keeps changing and evolving and those same players may now switch from mobile to tablet to laptop to desktop at dizzying speeds. To keep up, operators must build uniform user experiences across a multitude of devices, cleverly using cookies to keep track of progress and enable players to pick up where they left off.

Find equilibrium between conversion and security

Not all businesses were created equal – at least not in terms of risk management, that is. Some industries, unfortunately attract more fraud than others. iGaming is classified as a high-risk industry, meaning it has an increased rate of chargebacks and fraudulent transactions, as well as being more frequently targeted in cyberattacks.

In the eternal quest for increased conversion, inexperienced operators simplify their security features, assuming (correctly) that a streamlined customer experience will boost sales. What they don’t account for is the increase in illegal activity. Payment service providers pursue synergy between the two extremes, engineering customisable risk management solutions capable of scoring incoming transactions across predefined criteria to authenticate genuine bets while rejecting fraudulent activity, thereby ensuring as secure and convenient iGaming customer journey as possible.

Operators have a lot to think about and many factors to consider when implementing their payments strategy, but user experience and the customer journey must remain a priority for those targeting increased revenues and improved player loyalty.

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