Expand Your Business Into Complex Markets

With local intel from industry professionals in Russia, Kazakhstan & other CIS countries.


About the Webinar

If you’re an EU or UK business looking to expand into an exciting new market, Russia and its neighbouring countries can feel like a step too far into the unknown.

And that’s pretty understandable: The enigmatic and rapidly shifting nature of countries like Russia and Kazakhstan can make them seem overly complex.

But are they? Join our expert panel in this live webinar, where they’ll offer valuable insights and boots-on-the-ground advice for expanding your business into these dynamic new markets.

What Will You Learn

This one-hour webinar, hosted by ECOMMPAY, opens with a fast-paced presentation, featuring:

  • A deep dive into the region, including demographic trends and consumer behaviour.
  • An introduction to the top markets.
  • Difficulties and opportunities for e-commerce businesses in the region.
  • How to develop a payment scenario that’s right for your target country.

But that’s not all: After you’ve heard the comprehensive introduction, you’ll hear a panel discussion, where a group of expert guests from different complex markets answer questions from the audience and discuss the cultural differences, business infrastructure and industry specific opportunities in each of their specific countries.

With advice from industry experts, case studies and local knowledge, this really is a presentation not to be missed!

Who This Webinar is For

This webinar is aimed at shared mobility, e-commerce, SaaS or any type of business based in Europe and the UK looking for expansion opportunities into Russia and its former satellite states, known as the CIS, or Commonwealth of Independent States.

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Meet the Speakers

Vladislav Andre

Partner and Payment Manager at ECOMMPAY

Opening Presentation

A partnership and payment scenario localisation expert for complex markets. Vladislav helps merchants to successfully expand their businesses into Russia and other CIS countries and increase their revenues up to 60%.

Artem Zenkevich


Artem has extensive experience in B2B and B2C IT services in the fintech industry. His areas of expertise include product management, product ownership, sales, negotiation, and accounting.

Olzhas Akparov

Business Development Director Kazakhstan at PayBox.money

MBA in Strategic Management. Olzhas is a B2B sales expert; he has individually trained 500 top managers and owners of small and medium-sized businesses.

Travis Henry

Partnership Manager at ECOMMPAY


A finance and business development professional with 20 years of experience in low-risk business industries. An expert on market analysis and scaling e-commerce businesses across the regions.

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