2 JULY 2020, 9:00 UTC

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Business expansion to Asia: when is the right time and what is the right strategy?

Trends. Insights. Real business cases.

How do you expand into a fragmented region with cultural differences and complex payment behaviour? Our webinar on the 2nd of July, 9:00 UTC will look at some of the problems businesses face when entering the Asian market. Our free Gate2Asia webinar focuses on these topics, featuring expert speakers, real business cases and insights to the region.

What will you learn

We are holding a free webinar for businesses that are planning to expand to the Asia region. Among other interesting topics, you will find out:

Meet the speakers

Audrey Ottevanger

Head of Asia Pacific at ECOMMPAY

Audrey has more than 17  years of professional experience, having worked in senior management roles at global payment brands such as PayPal and Braintree. Audrey is a key talent in digital payments, brand marketing, helping eCommerce businesses develop and expand into the Asia region.

ECOMMPAY is a payment service provider and direct acquirer.

Audrey’s LinkedIn Profile

Kelvin Phua

Global Head of Payment Networks at PPRo

Kelvin has implemented partnerships with PSPs to acquire and integrate new merchant business and worked directly on transformation and turn-around projects for enterprise customers. He is also responsible for leading PPRO’s entry into key markets across the globe.

PPRO helps consumers pay with the local payment method they trust and know, wherever they are.

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Anton Mezentsev

Global Business Development Manager, Softline e-commerce

Anton has helped launch new projects in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Anton also boasts an extensive background in banking and payment industries, overseeing emerging markets and global partnership development at Softline.

Softline is a leading global Information Technology solutions and services provider.

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Why it’s perfect for you

If you’re responsible for business expansion into Asia, researching the landscape, or finding it hard to break into the Asian markets, this webinar is perfect for you. All the topics covered are both insightful and applicable to business growth into Asia.

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Some challenges are clear and obvious, but there are some that can be easily overlooked. Join our webinar on the 2nd of July at 9:00 UTC as well as cover many aspects, focusing on delivering advice that can be applied directly to your business expansion in the region.   

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