Payment solutions for the Travel industry

Each of our products and services is tailored to your specifications, broadening your business horizons, increasing conversion, and lowering operational costs.

We have a plethora of payment solutions for all Travel businesses. We can help OTAs, hotel chains, car rentals, channel managers, property managers, direct booking engines, and more improve their payments flow. Incredibly flexible, we can also work with your preferred travel technology provider and other potential collaborators.

Global coverage for instant
access to regional markets

ECOMMPAY’s payment gateway combines acquiring capabilities and 100+ regional payment methods within a single, seamless integration, facilitating client access to a wide range of audiences.
  • Accept payments via credit and debit cards globally – Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, CUP, JCB, Diners and others
  • Expand your business horizons by offering 100+ local alternative payment methods, including bank transfers
  • Receive payments in the currencies convenient for you
  • Integrate with leading technology platforms; enjoy integration capabilities with booking engines, travel agencies & channel managers

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High conversion and
improved authorisation rates

Intimately familiar with the Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism sectors, we engineer a bespoke payment solution tailored to your business. Improve conversion and retention rates to increase revenues.

Smart Payment Routing
calculates the best possible route across banks and MIDs, configuring rules in real time to track results and adapt possible scenarios depending on client needs.
Payment Link
create a link to a secure hosted payment page through which to request payments from your customers via e-mail or messenger in just a few clicks.
OneClick Payment
facilitate a better customer journey for returning/loyal customers, enabling repeat purchases through a single click.
Virtual Terminal
perform payments with collected card data via our Virtual Terminal with all benefits of online payment functionality.
store sensitive card data securely to reward loyal customers by enabling them to pay via smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and more.

Comprehensive suite of
proprietary risk management

In the quest to find synergy between security and conversion, ECOMMPAY has engineered and adapted a portfolio of highly effective risk management tools and technologies.

our proprietary risk management system applies artificial intelligence to score incoming transactions across multiple criteria, individually configured depending on your business model, turnover, regions of operation, etc.
Fully customisable fraud filters
adapted to your business specifications to mitigate the losses associated with failed transactions.
Cardholder Data Protection (CHD)
ECOMMPAY stores CHD in accordance with PCI DSS: the 16-digit account number (PAN) displayed on the debit or credit card is encrypted, while the cardholder’s name and the bank card’s expiry date remain accessible.
Success rate
Fraud detection rate

Seamless Client Experience
for Travel Operators

  • Create individually generated, temporary payment links to encourage your guests to complete partial or full transactions
  • Issue bespoke reports and view tailored analytics whenever necessary to remain informed on your financial flows
  • Customise your payment page or payment link to reflect corporate branding, improving the customer journey
  • Receive tailored advice from your dedicated Personal Account Manager
  • Access 24/7 technical support

Excellent User
for Travellers

  • Pay via personal payment link, issued via e-mail or messenger
  • Split payments with other travellers
  • Enjoy a seamless repeat payment experience, accessing user-friendly features and functionalities, such as OneClick Payment, Tokenisation, and a choice of convenient payment methods

White Paper: Payment technologies as
an advantage for the Travel sector

Consumer behavior is in constant flux, reacting to the latest trends and the newest technologies. If you can’t adapt quickly, you risk being left behind. 

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Firebird Tours

Case Study: expansion of Firebird Tours
technological capabilities

Firebird Tours (Rail.Ninja and underwent a technical consultation on how to build, maintain, and monitor a secure network, as well as on how to protect cardholder data.

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