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How Open Banking is Bringing Fundamental Changes to Businesses

The world is moving towards Open Banking, bringing profound changes and opportunities for businesses. Listen to our expert panel reveal how Open Banking is changing the commerce landscape and the implications of this for business leaders.

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About the Webinar

Banks in the UK and the EU are opening up their data vaults to third parties. But what opportunities does this bring for your business? Will your clients trust their data with you, and how challenging will this all be to implement correctly?

There are numerous shifting layers of concepts, technologies and possibilities that make up Open Banking in 2021.

Our goal with this webinar is to solve this Rubik’s cube of different ideas with you so that everything clicks into place.

What Will You Learn

Olga Karablina, Head of Partner Relation and Payments Development at ECOMMPAY, opens this one-hour long webinar with an engaging 20-minute introduction, covering:

  • What is Open Banking?
  • How is Open Banking like a Rubik’s cube?
  • How do we make it work from every business angle?
  • Are my customers ready for Open Banking, and should I even implement it into my business?

Once you fully understand the concept of Open Banking and the technology involved, the webinar moves on to a panel discussion, featuring founders in this industry along with other expert speakers who answer questions from those who attended the original live webinar online.

This webinar also discusses far-reaching topics on the edge of public discussion, including:

How will Open Banking impact online business in the future? How will Brexit & COVID affect Open Banking in 2021 and beyond, and how can you beat the trend to become an early adopter?

Plus much more…

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Meet the Speakers

Olga Karablina

Head of Partner Relations & Payments Development at ECOMMPAY

Opening Presentation

Open-Banking solution strategy development & implementation expert. Olga is a payment partnership leader who has grown payment ECOMMPAY methods portfolio for 70%. Experienced in payment scenario localization for different regions.

Greg Watts

Chief Executive Officer at Findr (featured in Forbes)

A partnership expert, he's the ex-Visa head of market acceleration, a visiting Professor in Growth at The American University in Paris, and a regular speaker, columnist, chair and panellist at industry and diversity events.

Joerg Heidenreich

Managing Director at Token.io

Joerg Heidenreich has more than 20 years managerial background in sales, product and account management within financial services, from banking and payments to fraud management. He’s led sales teams focusing on Financial Services, Travel, Airlines, e-tail and Digital Services.

Rolands Mesters

CEO and Co-founder at Nordigen

An Entrepreneur since the age of 18, and a graduate of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Rolands Mesters has been awarded ‘Forbes Latvia 30-under-30’ and graduated Google Demo Days in London.

Who Should Attend This Fascinating Webinar?

This webinar is for eCommerce companies working in Europe and the UK that wish to educate themselves further about the topic of Open Banking and its implications, opportunities and challenges. This fascinating and revealing webinar will be of particular interest to those who are head of payments and payment managers, e-commerce professionals, and business development managers, who wish to discover how Open Banking can save their company huge amounts of time and costs.

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