ECOMMPAY functions as a direct card acquirer, payment processor, and payment service provider. Our gateway facilitates an omnichannel transaction process with access to a range of payment systems, as well as enhanced security measures and comprehensive risk management, through a single, unified integration.

As a PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1, ECOMMPAY encrypts, process, and stores card data in accordance with PCI DSS 3.2.

Global Coverage

ECOMMPAY provides card acquiring services to e-Commerce merchants, enabling online payments in any currency via a variety of bank cards from anywhere in the world.

360° Support

We take an individual approach to each client’s business through our bespoke, tailored account management and consulting services, assigning an experienced client manager and dedicated risk analyst to each merchant, as well as providing round-the-clock technical support so you can rest easy knowing your needs are our needs.


ECOMMPAY's proprietary FraudStop risk management system operates on the basis of artificial intelligence to score transactions across multiple variables, negating fraudulent activity in real- time.


How ECOMMPAY’s Card Acquiring Works

Key Features

Advantages of ECOMMPAY’s Card Acquiring

Increase sales

• OneClick Payments
• Subscriptions, Credential-on-File, recurring payments
• Smart payment routing
• MO/TO payments (Mail Order Telephone Order)

Minimise risks

• 3-D Secure transactions
• Card authorisation by code or random sum verification
• Address Verification Service (AVS)
• Zero sum account verification for recurring or Credential-on-File payments
• Account Billing Updater (ABU) and Visa Account Updater (VAU)
• Industry Specific Data (e.g. Airline addendum)

Expand functionality

• Payments with delayed confirmation
• Credit Transactions
• Payment cascading
• User notifications with detailed explanation in case of failed payments

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