Making a website secure enough to take bank cards and payment information can be extremely expensive and difficult. It must be extremely secure and must meet very specific criteria. With ECommPay you do not have to worry about this nor do you need to spend time or money making your website and server secure for payments. We take care of that for you.


When your customer clicks on the Submit payment button on your website they are taken to the payment page here at ECommPay. Since the payment page is on ECommPay’s secure server we are now responsible for all payment and data security. All payment pages and processes are external to your website so you are not responsible for this expensive data security. After the payment process is completed, your customer is returned to your website and can continue shopping or follow up on their order.

If you are not satisfied with the ECommPay standard payment pages we can have our expert programmers create a payment page for you that looks exactly like the rest of your website. Your logo, your colours, your look and feel.


You do not need to spend the time and money to create a secure payment server and connections to the payment gateway. All of this is taken care of for you. This saves you a great deal of time and money. You do not need any additional software or security measures.

This keeps the expense on your part to a minimum.

Contact our payment account manager via email to get more information about custom payment pages.