Transaction and personal data are of special interest to cyber-thieves. They are always looking for a weak place in your security protection or a hole in your cybersecurity. But cybersecurity is not your business. Your business is to sell your products and services. No need to worry. ECommPay has you covered. We have cybersecurity experts on our team who are working hard every day to fight the fraudsters and thieves. They are constantly developing new ways to protect your business and your customers’ data from these cyber-criminals.

ECommPay pays particular attention to information security and we have 10 years of experience with keeping yours and your customer’s data secure. All data entered into the ECommPay system is stored in encrypted form which ensures its safety. We do our best to ensure that our customers do not become victims of cyber-fraud. Therefore, in addition to SSL and fully standards-compliant PCI DSS, ECommPay has developed a proprietary encryption algorithm security protocol that we apply to all data. All technical processes are constructed to minimize any possibility of data leakage and compromise our customers or your customers’ personal data. With ECommPay you can be assured of the complete security each payment and all stored data.

If you would like to know more about ECommPay’s data encryption, contact your personal payment expert today.