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Use our Open Banking API to accept payments via thousands of banks effortlessly anywhere in Europe. Enrich customer experience and create financial transparency for your customers with our 2 payment solutions.

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Meet Our Extensive Open Banking Platform

Open Banking is an innovative financial technology that enables third-party providers to access banks’ data to build custom services.

Choose from our 2 unique solutions – Open Banking Account-2-Account and Open Banking Advanced which gives an opportunity to make refunds and payouts to your customers via Merchant Dashboard, as well as it includes deposit confirmation.

Open Banking
Account-2-Account Features

  • Direct/Instant Bank Transfer
  • Strong Customer Authentication
  • Visible Recipient & Sender
  • Pre-filled payer form
  • Refunds/Payouts/Reconciliation are performed by the merchant manually via bank

Open Banking
Advanced Features

  • Funds Aggregation
  • Deposit Confirmation
  • Automated Reconciliation
  • Payouts & Refunds via API/Merchant Dashboard
  • Merchant’s name is displayed when receiving & sending money

Compare & Choose Between Two Smart Solutions

FeaturesOpen Banking: Account2AccountOpen Banking: Advanced
Pay-outNot availableAvailable
Dedicated sub-accountNot availableAvailable
Funds aggregationNot availableAvailable
Deposit confirmationNot availableAvailable
Automatic reconciliationNot availableAvailable

We Work with Clients All Over the World from Various Industries

Retail, travel, hospitality, SaaS, digital platforms, e-learning, transportation, telecommunication, and others.

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Key Open Banking Benefits for You and Your Customers

Understanding the benefits for both you and your customers is vital to get the most from Open Banking. With 77.7% of the European population owning a bank account, the advantages to Open Banking are numerous for both parties.

Here are some of the key benefits for both merchants and customers.

What do you get as a business?

No chargebacks

Up-to-date with PSD2

More ways to generate new revenue streams

Receive money straight from your clients

Customised payment systems

What do your customers get?

Secure and compliant with GDPR

Easy payments with Smart Devices

Fast decision-making on loans and other transactions

Transparent banking

What's Covered?
Countries with True Open Banking

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Sweden
  • UK

Coming soon:

  • Portugal
  • Spain

What is Open Banking?

Open Banking allows approved third-party providers (TPPs) to access financial information directly to provide payment initiation through API connections.

Open Banking leap forwards from a technical and security standpoint. PSD2 introduces mandatory Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), meaning individuals and businesses can only access their data through secure online gateways.

Expert approach and innovative Open Banking solution

Lowered transaction costs, reduced chargebacks and instant money receiving on business account.

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Why Choose ECOMMPAY as Your Open Banking Provider?

Broad Coverage

We are constantly adding new countries and planning to cover all of Europe.

Expansive Payment Portfolio

100+ payment methods. We integrate new ways to pay regularly, assisting clients to enter new markets.

Stability and High Conversion Rate

We have several data centres, enabling us to guarantee a 99.99% uptime for our payment infrastructure.

Innovative Payment Technologies

Advanced anti-fraud, payment links, smart cascading and routing, and many more.

Tailored Approach

Products and solutions are tailored to individual client requirements, making sure they get exactly the right payment platforms for their business.

Dedicated Account Manager

Receive regular & relevant advice on optimising your business operations. Every business enjoys an individual approach and special attention from a dedicated account manager.

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ECOMMPAY provides us with a bespoke technical and financial solution, supporting us in growing our business and managing our account using a dedicated individual approach.

ECOMMPAY is a reliable partner with whom we work in Asia and Europe. The company possesses unique experience and knowledge of all the intricacies of working with acquiring banks, and local payment systems. There is always a quick response from the team to any of our requests, including payment solutions and technologies testing, which is one of the main areas of our business success.

Ivan Osipov

Head of Division, Payment Systems Group, Softline eCommerce