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Pay by Link is a convenient way to securely accept payments without hassle.

Generate a link in seconds, send it to your customers by email, messenger, or any other channel or platform of their preference, and receive payment.

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Enable Your Customers to Make Secure Payments via Pay by Link and Never Miss Out on a Sale

Having a choice of several different payment tools can benefit your business by ensuring fast, secure payments from your customers. The choice of payment tool will depend on each unique payment scenario. If you are communicating with customers directly, why not send them a payment link?

Accept Payments by Link Anytime

A payment link is a one-time invoice that contains the order data. It can be sent by email, messenger, or by a number of other convenient methods. By clicking on the payment link, the customer sees the invoice for each payment. The customer can then choose their favourite payment methods such as credit card or a variety of alternative payment methods and confirm the payment.

The whole transaction only takes a few clicks. No payment page or additional integration needed.

Easy and Fast to Set Up

Connecting this payment method is effortless. Sending a payment link does not require integration with a payment gateway or an API. There’s no need to create a payment page. You don’t need to hire developers or spend money on building in-house IT infrastructure.

All you need to do is connect to the ECOMMPAY client interface. Here, you’ll be able to create payment links, monitor payment statuses in real-time, analyse incoming revenues, and create financial reports.

Secure Way to Accept Payments

The personal data that the customer enters when using a payment link is not visible to anyone but them. This information is not stored on the merchant’s website.

All customer data is encrypted using tokenisation. ECOMMPAY complies with PCI DSS, storing sensitive information securely in the form of tokens. These tokens are indecipherable to anyone outside the ECOMMPAY system.

More Ways to Reach Your Customers

Don't miss out on sales. Payment links allow you to instantly reach your customers wherever they are.

Link payments allow you to be creative and reach your customers using their preferred channels - whether it is through social media or a direct link sent via messenger or email.

Once your customers click on the payment link, they can pay using the same methods they would normally use to make payments on the payment page such as by debit or credit card, or alternative methods. The entire process is simple and easy-to-follow.

No Licensing Required

Accepting online payments using Pay by Link does not require additional certificates and licenses.

You can generate an invoice in minutes wherever you are.

Trusted by Customers

Payment links are sent from the domain address of the merchant. Your customers will see your company name in the message they receive.

The payment link can use the default settings or be customised to match your corporate style, providing an additional layer of trust.

How to Create a Custom Payment Link

Here’s how Pay By Link works


Open your Merchants Dashboard


Set permissions for the relevant employees to create, edit, and send payment links.


Send a custom payment link and get paid instantly. You can cancel the link any time if you wish.

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ECOMMPAY provides us with a bespoke technical and financial solution, supporting us in growing our business and managing our account using a dedicated individual approach.

ECOMMPAY is a reliable partner with whom we work in Asia and Europe. The company possesses unique experience and knowledge of all the intricacies of working with acquiring banks, and local payment systems. There is always a quick response from the team to any of our requests, including payment solutions and technologies testing, which is one of the main areas of our business success.

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Head of Division, Payment Systems Group, Softline eCommerce

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