Payment Systems in Oceania

Payment Systems in Oceania

Explore popular payment systems in Australia and New Zealand

The payment landscape of Oceania is heavily influenced by the mature markets of Australia and New Zealand. Australia has high internet (88.2%) and bank account (98.9%) penetration rates, making credit and debit cards the most popular payment method in the region. New Zealand has equally high internet (88.7%) and banking (99.5%) penetration rates, as well as similar payment preferences to Australia. Credit and debit cards dominate the market, with a smaller portion occupied by e-Wallets and bank transfers.

Popular Payment Methods in Australia

With a population of 25.6 million people, Australia represents the biggest e-Commerce market in the region, as well as it is one of the most attractive online markets in the entire APAC region.

The revenue in the e-Commerce sector is projected to continue growing and it will reach $29,700 million in 2021, showing an annual growth rate (CAGR 2021-2025) of 4.22%, resulting in a projected market volume of $35,045m by 2025.

Australia has high internet and bank account penetration, making credit cards and debit cards the most popular payment methods within the region, with more than 50% of online purchases made using payment cards. In addition to Visa and Mastercard, EFTPOS holds a large share of the local bank card market. Another trend is the rise of alternative payment methods in Australia, with both global (PayPal) and local (POLi) players being actively used, as well as buy now pay later (BNPL) services like Zip Pay and Afterpay gaining popularity in the country.


Local payment method POLi is a must-have checkout option for a successful online business in the region. Poli is an internet banking service with real-time confirmation of transactions available in Australia and New Zealand, widely used by locals to pay online.

Learn more about integrating payments with POLi here.

Popular Payment Methods in New Zealand

In 2020 there were 3 million e-Commerce shoppers in New Zealand out of the country’s 4.9 million population, accounting for the US$3bn online market. The annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2024) is projected to reach 10%.

The payment habits of New Zealand’s online consumers are similar to Australia’s with credit and debit cards being the most popular ways to make payments online. Just like in Australia, e-Wallets are gaining market share - PayPal and POLi are must-have payment options to offer.

Learn more about connecting POLi (New Zealand) here.

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