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Unlock more revenue by allowing your customers to send money through Telegram via a simple interface provided by Telegram payment bots.

What is Telegram & What Can It Do for You?

  • 400+ million active users worldwide. Forecasted to be 1 billion users by 2022.
  • The most downloaded social media app in 20 countries.
  • Hugely popular in Russia and CIS countries with a rapidly growing interest in Germany, Spain, France, Portugal, Philippines, Malaysia, and other promising markets.
  • Growing average check-out value, and speed of transactions for users. A smoother check-out process helps build brand loyalty.

More than 40% of Telegram Users are Currently Using Telegram Chatbots

Now they can purchase things like cinema tickets, utilities, insurance, travel, and many other services, directly in the app. 67% of US millennials said they are likely to purchase products and services from brands using a chatbot.

A graph illustrating amount of Telegram users using chatbots

How Do Telegram Payments Work?

  1. The user selects a product or service in your Telegram channel bot and clicks the ‘pay’ button.
  2. Telegram bot automatically creates an invoice and offers to proceed to the checkout form.
  3. The user enters the card data if it has not been saved earlier.
  4. After the payment is completed, the buyer is redirected and returned to your Telegram business channel.

Level Up on Payments!


Make the Payment Process for Your Users More Convenient

Save your customers time and let them complete their purchase in their favourite messaging app. Don’t worry, Telegram payments feature all the same technology you would expect from a typical checkout experience, including:

  • ECOMMPAY payment page, which can be localised into 21 languages and adjusted to your style – increasing customers’ checkout confidence.
  • Support for repeated payment attempts in case of errors (Try Again feature).
  • Filling out the payment form (except for the CVV code).
  • Re-confirmation of readiness for payment and the CVV-code entry.
  • 3-D Secure authentication (if necessary) and/or addition of payment information.
A man browsing mobile device A man browsing mobile device

How to Connect Payments in Telegram?

  1. Sign an agreement with ECOMMPAY.
  2. Create a Telegram Bot and prepare it to accept payments.
  3. Connect ECOMMPAY Test Bot.
  4. After conducting test payments, connect ECOMMPAY Live Bot.

Benefits of Working with ECOMMPAY

A truly tailored approach to your business, ECOMMPAY is here to help with every step of the payment process, from analytics to customised payment pages that help you increase conversion rates. Everything is done according to your needs and goals.

  • Unified payment platform

    Open access to all ECOMMPAY payment products and technologies through one single integration.
  • Open access to new markets

    with 100+ payment methods, including payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Reliable payment processing

    Conduct operations 24/7/365 without any disruption thanks to the high resiliency of our IT system and multiple data centres.
  • Fraud protection

    Choose the payment solutions and technologies that are right for your business, taking into account its turnover, geography, and other criteria.
  • New knowledge and skills

    Stay updated with new payment products that will benefit your customers and help you make profit as a referral partner.
  • Personal customer support

    We care about our customers. Therefore, every customer has a dedicated manager - who is an expert in optimizing business operations.

Start Accepting Payments

Talk to our experts and learn how to create a payment experience according to your business goals.

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ECOMMPAY provides us with a bespoke technical and financial solution, supporting us in growing our business and managing our account using a dedicated individual approach.

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ECOMMPAY is a reliable partner with whom we work in Asia and Europe. The company possesses unique experience and knowledge of all the intricacies of working with acquiring banks, and local payment systems. There is always a quick response from the team to any of our requests, including payment solutions and technologies testing, which is one of the main areas of our business success.

Ivan Osipov

Head of Division, Payment Systems Group, Softline eCommerce

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ECOMMPAY engineers bespoke payment solutions for e-Commerce merchants. The Authorised Payment Institution is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (license 607597) and holds both VISA and Mastercard Principal Membership.

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