Over $1,000,000,000,000 US dollars were transferred around the Internet by online shoppers last year. That’s a huge amount of money and its transfer usually involves the use of bank card numbers and personal details that hackers and identity thieves would very much like to acquire. You want to be sure that when your share of that money is transferred from your website to your bank account that this data is secure from thieves.

All online transactions that enter the ECommPay payment network are protected by the security protocol TLS, short for Transport Loyal Security.

TLS provides you with strong privacy and data protection by encrypting the channel of communication between our server and your customer’s web browser. Using complex algorithms, TLS puts the data that is exchanged into a complex code. Even if intercepted, your data would be extremely difficult to read. With TLS, the information is transmitted in 256 bit encrypted form on a HTTPS secure channel. It can only be decrypted with a special key.

TLS protocol requires that the server and website are up-to-date TLS certificate. This is a digital document that confirms the reliability and confidentiality of data and protection of the transmission channel. Installing a digital certificate will improve the security of your site, as well as positively affect the image and reputation of your company, as customers will be convinced that they can safely enter any information on your website. You will also be able to display an TLS logo on your website showing your customers that you are serious about protecting their data.

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