To strike a balance between providing optimum security and maintaining high conversion rates, ECOMMPAY engineered the intelligent FraudStop risk management system. Containing various combinations and settings configured individually per client and employing the scoring principle, which enables an interdependent analysis based on multiple factors, the security system boasts a 97% fraud detection rate, reducing the percentage of chargebacks and maximising the number of successful transactions.

Stages of FraudStop

Custom settings

Fraud filters are configured individually for each client depending on industry, region, and business specifications. FraudStop scores transactions by enabling an interdependent analysis across multiple factors, negating fraudulent activity.


FraudStop is complemented by the manual monitoring of flagged transactions by ECOMMPAY’s team of risk analysts, who review suspicious activity in real-time to respond effectively, adjusting anti-fraud filters and reporting fraud patterns to clients on an individual basis. Our comprehensive risk management service ensures clients don’t exceed the acceptable chargeback threshold to avoid the fines imposed by international payment systems, as well as facilitating high payment acceptance rates and minimal levels of fraud.

Chargeback management

ECOMMPAY ensures an effective response to customer misconduct, reducing the number of incoming complaints. Our experience in navigating chargeback processes protects clients from significant financial losses.

How FraudStop Works

How FraudStop Works

How can you ensure payment security?

• A transaction monitoring system adapted to the specifics of your business processes;
• An effective combination of anti-fraud filters to address customer preferences and regional requirements;
• Verification of user credentials to Whitelist/Blacklist databases;
• Verification of the cardholder by geolocation of IP address, device preferences, transaction history, etc.;
• 3-D Secure;
• Combining automatic transaction monitoring with manual monitoring by experienced risk analysts.

Extensive knowledge of the risk landscape ensures that the payment solutions ECOMMPAY engineers individually for each client comprise the sophisticated tools and technologies, as well as proprietary risk management products, necessary to reduce the likelihood of fraudulent activity and maximise the rate of successful transactions.

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