Binary Options

ECommPay will help every Binary Options broker to open a merchant account quickly and easily.

Binary Options

Binary Options are becoming more popular every year. More and more private investors are looking for secure and fast platforms to be able to trade in Binary Options. But Binary Options are classed as exotic options and are considered high risk by most payment processors. So it can be difficult to find a payment processor who will take on your Binary Options brokerage firm.

ECommPay will help every Binary Options broker to open a merchant account quickly and easily. This is possible because:

  • we are in long-term and stable partnership with a large number of reliable banks
  • we specialize in Binary Options brokerage payment services and solutions
  • our high competitive position and customer credibility are extremely strong

Our clients want choice, competitive pricing and excellent customer service – we are here to exceed your expectations. With ECommPay any Binary Options broker will get an easy-to-use, secure and efficient service to collect online payments, make payouts and meet all the customers’ demands and requirements.


ECommPay has considerable experience in offering Binary Options brokerage payment solutions and we are perfectly aware of all special aspects of this business sector. Moreover, ECommPay has established long-term and excellent relationships with a number of reliable banks around the world.

The combination of these factors allows ECommPay offer Binary Options brokers the best terms and conditions to accept electronic payments.

It is not important if your average payment invoice is high and it does not matter which currencies you work with – what is important is that your payment solution will allow you manage your business without any distractions.

ECommPay Binary Options brokerage payment solution will never let you down. With us you get:

  • THE BEST PRICING AND COMMISSION RATES. We offer flexible tariff schemes depending on your business turnover and many other factors. Please contact our support team to get more information.
  • MULTI-CURRENCY PAYMENT PROCESSING. ECommPay supports payment processing in 160 different currencies.
  • MODERN ANTI-FRAUD SECURITY GUARANTEES. Our reliable and sophisticated security systems minimize the risk of fraudulent transactions.
  • NO RESTRICTIONS ON THE NUMBER OF TRANSACTIONS. You can handle as many transactions as you need. This point is our advantage before some other e-payment companies that can restrict you in the number of daily/monthly payments.
  • POSSIBILITY TO CREATE A BLOCKING LIST. You can set up transaction restrictions for some of your clients or in some specified countries or areas.

You are welcome to evaluate all the advantages and benefits of our payment system. Fill in the application form and our managers will contact you within 48 hours.