Dating Merchant Accounts

Dating Merchant Accounts

Certain merchants, such as those working in the Dating sector, are considered to be a high-risk business by many payment processors, leading to difficulties for companies working within this sphere to find a payment provider willing to accept them as a client. ECommPay’s team is comprised of the best and brightest payment experts, who are always eager to take on a challenge and apply their problem-solving skillset.

We provide specialised, tailor-made solutions for Dating sector merchants, including flexible tariff schemes depending on your business turnover; multi-currency payment processing; modern and customisable anti-fraud security guarantees; no restrictions on the number of transactions; and the possibility of creating black and white lists.

Our extensive experience ensures that we are perfectly aware of all nuances of your business sector. We have established long-term and stable partnerships with a large number of reliable banks and maintain a high competitive position. This combination of factors allows our company to offer the best terms and conditions to accept electronic payments.

To best serve the interests of your industry, ECommPay monitors your customers’ behaviour to recognise and prevent fraud and undertakes comprehensive identification verification to determine that each of your customers is the genuine cardholder.

Each client will get an easy-to-use, secure and efficient service to collect online payments, make payouts and meet all their customers’ demands and requirements.

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