If you do not know where your sales revenues are or when you can expect them in your account you can lose your business. To run a successful business you need to know all the essential financial aspects of it. You need to know where your money is and when your money is coming in. You must be able to stay abreast of all transactions in your account to effectively control it. To be sure you know all the financial aspects of the payments process ECommPay provides you with a merchant back-office. You can access it securely from anywhere in the world using internet without having to install any additional software. In your secure merchant back-office you will be able to generate detailed reports, view real-time information about payments as well as have access to all your sales and payment statistics and financial flows.

Your secure merchant interface is simple and intuitive. It has been designed for fast and easy access.

In your merchant back-office you can:

  • Create detailed reports on all aspects of your sales and revenues
  • View the statistics of your cash flows
  • Track the life cycle of each payment from the click of the submit button until the funds are credited to your account
  • Access detailed reports on payments submitted at your website
  • Create recurring payments and manage their properties
  • Change the access settings

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