There are situations that can cause problems for your business when accepting online payments. If you have too many transactions denied or too many fraudulent transactions you can lose your merchant ID, (MID). Often one payment acquirer may deny a transaction but another may approve it.

ECommPay experts have implemented an effective system for the distribution of payments – “Cascading Payments & Balancing”. With the cascading payment feature implemented, if the transaction receives a ‘referral’ or ‘timeout’ response, instead of being returned to the merchant and essentially the end-user, the system automatically reroutes the transaction to the next best acquirer.  If the transaction fails in the next acquirer, it is rerouted over and over until it has been sent to all of the banks available for use. This type of feature significantly helps increase approval ratio, as it utilizes all the banking resources available. ECommPay’s intelligent payment routing enables you to protect your business as well as your merchants’ valuable merchant IDs (MIDs) by distributing transactions depending on their risk assessment. When sending each translation, our system automatically selects the acquirer that is best suited to carry out the transaction.

Through the use of this function we significantly reduce costs because the system selects the best acquirer for payment and as a result the cost of routing is greatly reduced. In addition, the Cascading Payments & Balancing system helps avoid possible penalties that banks and payment acquirers impose on merchants who have exceeded the maximum allowable number of returns and returned payments. Thus, intelligent reallocation protects both you and your clients’ accounts.

Ask your personal ECommPay payment expert today about Cascading Payments and Balancing and how you can protect your valuable account and save money.