If you do not know where your sales revenues are or when you can expect them in your account you can lose your business. To run a successful business you must know all the essential financial statistics of your business. You need to know where your money is and when your money is coming in. You must be able to stay abreast of all transactions in your account to effectively control your business. To be sure you know all the financial statistics of the sales and payments processes ECommPay provides you with unlimited access to all records in real-time. Access to this information will allow you to significantly simplify the management of all payment processing operations as well as provide you an opportunity to analyse the effectiveness of your sales and business processes.

Our reports and statistics are available in your personal merchant member portal. It is a single, easy-to-use interface that allows you to control all the settings of the ECommPay system for processing payments.

You will have all reports and statistics at your command;

  • Generate complex reports for any period
  • Analyse all payment processing procedures
  • View and analyse all statistical data for all your sites connected to the ECommPay System
  • View and understand historical sales data
  • See and analyse all chargeback, returns, fraud and transaction denial data

For more information on you can protect and understand your business with advanced statistics and analysis features contact us today.