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Tailored pricing for large & medium-sized enterprises

Speak with our sales team to learn more about our products and rates.

How to get a tailored quote from ECOMMPAY?

To help us assess your requirements and provide a tailored payment solution, we have to learn a bit more about your business operations, cash flow, and payment technology pain points. Once we review your answers and understand whether we can add value, we will be able to prepare a tailored pricing proposal.
  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Get a tailored solution with commercial conditions for your specific case.
  3. Proceed with additional questions about your business operations, cash flow, and payment technology pain points.
  4. Receive a dedicated Account Manager, who will guide you move forward in terms of Integration and KYC processes.
  5. Accept payments online.

Providing payments services to top brands globally

How is the pricing for ECOMMPAY products determined?

We tailor our pricing for each client individually, bearing in mind not only the average transaction, monthly / annual volumes, currencies and card types, but also the business type and specific operational conditions. The more info you are able to provide initially, the quicker we are able to prepare the pricing for you.

Which documentation is mandatory in order to connect to ECOMMPAY's payment gateway?

The minimal documentation that must be provided in order to conduct a standard KYC procedure is as follows:

  • European company registration; copy of license, if applicable;
  • passports, utility bill no older than 3 months, CV with signature or public LinkedIn of all directors;
  • passports, utility bill no older than 3 months, CV with signature or public LinkedIn of all beneficiaries;
  • lease agreement for a physical office within the EU, utility bill for this office;
  • documents of the director/manager directing, controlling, or coordinating the activities of the company;
  • completed ECOMMPAY anti-fraud forms; processing history for the last 6 months, if applicable.
  • Does ECOMMPAY work with all types of online merchants?

    In most circumstances, ECOMMPAY does not work with merchants whose monthly turnover is less than EUR 50,000.00. We cannot provide services to legal entities operating out of Africa, North and South America, the Middle East, or Oceania.

    Can I get a standard pricing for card acquiring or payouts?

    Pricing is determined by the level of financial risk involved in working with a specific merchant, as well as their monthly turnover, the type of transactions and currencies, average transaction amount, processing history, type of user payment cards, and other factors.

    Can integration with ECOMMPAY's payment gateway take place in parallel to documentation checks?

    Yes. For the terms and conditions of this type of integration, please refer to our client services representatives.

    What is the KYC process?

    KYC (Know your customer) - Due diligence of potential merchants as well as documents submitted by them as part of regulatory provisions and for the purpose of doing business with them.

    How quickly can I get the pricing and get onboarded?

    This depends on various factors (like business type) and the pace at which the information is exchanged. In most cases, integration with our payment gateway takes 1-3 weeks after receipt of the signed agreement and supporting documentation, subject to the satisfactory completion of our risk assessment procedures. ECOMMPAY will assist merchants at all stages of the process.

    What is the difference between the testing stage (sandbox environment) and the live environment?

    The sandbox environment of ECOMMPAY’s processing system enables merchants to conduct operations without financial compensation as part of the technical integration, which differs from the full version in that the latter enables merchants to receive financial compensation from customer payment cards.

    Speak with our sales team to learn more
    about our products and rates

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